Hired Guns offers a number of prepackaged and custom services based on our client’s needs.


What’s the best way to make sure that everything is running smoothly at your office?  Regular maintenance. Call in Hired Guns to schedule regular visits to your office to stop problems before they start.  We offer maintenance plans customized to your specific needs.

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Sometimes, the best laid plans of mice and IT administrators are foiled by creative, unethical and ultimately greedy denizens of the Internet.  When things go awry, a Hired Guns Troubleshooter, with years of experience dealing with various platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux, will be only a phone call away. We …

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The Backup Plan

The key to data security is having multiple redundant system.  We believe in leveraging a client’s in house resources, as well as reliable Internet Services to create a multi-faceted approach to keeping your data safe. Hired Guns offers local and cloud based backup services to make sure that your data is there when you need …

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SoHo Commandos

Hired Guns traditionally works with small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.  We do recognize that some businesses may consist of one or two people in a Home Office.  Understandably, such smaller operations may not be able to afford a Service Contract or even need the help on a regular basis.  For …

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