Who are we?

Howdy Partner!

Welcome to Hired Guns.  Founded in 2002, Hired Guns brings together talented professional IT troubleshooters in order to offer a wide range of services.

Hired Guns supports small and medium sized businesses in Toronto, Ontario, providing outsourced IT consulting in the areas of administration, system architecture, hardware and software upgrades, off-site backups and, of course, troubleshooting.

Knowledge is Power

At Hired Guns, we emphasize the ability to communicate complex concepts and ideas to our clients in a way anyone can understand.  It’s not enough for us to fix your computers, we want you to understand what we are doing.  We offer transparency and clarity…after all, it’s your network.

Tailor Made Solutions

Every office is different. We work with our clients to learn how they work and fit an IT solution that suits their unique needs.  Check out our services to see what you want to do to move your company forward.

Attack of the Virus

In my professional capacity as an IT trouble-shooter, I am often brought in to fix a computer that has been infected by a virus.  Since I only see the virus once it has installed on the host computer, I have to rely on anecdotal accounts as to ‘how this happened’. The story always goes like …

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You Shall Not Pass

Passwords are a part of life in the first world.  Passwords for e-mail. Passwords to login to your computers. Passwords for web based services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. So many passwords. I am going to share with you a simple system that will help protect your on-line resources while still being easy to remember. People …

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